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Mama Mukhwas Wala was started as Jalaram Mukhwas 60 years ago by Kanhaiyalal M Pandhi, who sold homemade pouches of mukhwas (mouth freshners) in Raipur, Ahmedabad. An overwhelming response from his customers led to the opening of a retail outlet. The small business got a big boost one day when it received an order five times the amount of scented supari it stocked. It soon outgrew its modest beginnings and got a brand makeover as Mama Mukhwas Wala in 1990.

Its initial offerings included supari (crushed areca nut) – both kachi (raw) and roasted – dhana dal (roasted coriander seeds), digestive golis (pellets), and variyali (fennel seeds). Mama Mukhwas Wala – now owned by Parimal K Pandhi – has established itself as one of the biggest names to manufacture, sell (wholesale and retail), and export mukhwas. The brand boasts a flawless production process with state-of-the-art facilities and strict inspection of quality, hygiene, and packaging. With its biggest strength lying in customer satisfaction, it presents customized products to suit different specifications and requirements. Recording a sale of 3,000 kg daily, the company caters to around 500 retailers.

Its average sale of pan mukhwas alone is 300 kg every day. Mama Mukhwas Wala today offers a wide range of lip-smacking mukhwas as well as an assortment of dry fruits and chocolates. The most popular mukhwas variants include Natural Mukhwas, Ajwain Dal (carom seeds), Jasmine Supari, Pineapple Supari, Shahi Mukhwas, Shahi Pan, and Pan Kharek (betel leaf-flavored dried dates). Besides helping in digestion and keeping bad breath at bay, the products offer something for everyone’s taste and preference. Quality ingredients, reasonable prices, hygienic packaging, new flavours, and customer-centricity help to keep Mama Mukhwas Wala on everyone’s lips, literally!