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  • B12 Plus (70gm)
  • B12 Plus (70gm)
  • B12 Plus (70gm)
  • B12 Plus (70gm)
  • B12 Plus (70gm)

B12 Plus (70gm)

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B12 Plus (70gm)

Natural vitamin B12 supplement

Abhinandan Natural Vitamin B12+ powder is an Ayurvedic property and it is completely Natural and Cruelty free. This powder is purely plant base and do not contain any Animal base ingredients. The product benefits are,


Good for Healthy Brain & Memory

Good for Eyes & Skin improvement

Relieves in Bone & Joint pains

Maintain Energy level

Good for Digestive System

Helpful in Hairfall Control



Oleifera Seeds Powder, Moringo Leaves Powder, Medicago Sativa, Drumstick Distillate, Prickly Pear Fruits Ash, Asparagus Racemosus



Take 1 Spoon (Approx 3 to 4GM) of powder and mix it with water. Drink it daily with empty stomach 



Pregnant, Nursing or taking any medications, consult doctor before use